Practical Wellness

Staying well today is anything but practical. You might wonder if your morning coffee or your work-out routine will prove to do you more harm than good.

I realized after years of practicing primary care that there were things my patients needed to know that I would never have time to teach them. I created over 12 hours of videos to explain the most essential concepts behind health and wellness.

A subscription includes not only access to the existing videos, but access to new videos. I will also hold weekly Q&A's with patients to further clarify points I make in Practical Wellness, and to answer new questions.

Complementary consultations of up to an hour are provided to subscribers to Practical Wellness.

Practical Wellness is coming soon.

Personal Consultation

I provide a range of consultative services, from review of records to in-depth, personal health evaluations. My goal is to provide a more personalized service than can be had at your typical doctor's office.

  • Remote consultations are available to address personal health questions or to provide a second opinion on medical cases.
  • Comprehensive health and wellness evaluations include an in-depth history and physical exam, with recommendations for changes to diet, lifestyle, and medications.
  • Home or office evaluations are available to evaluate for environmental quality and to make recommendations for improvements.

An initial consultation of up to 20 minutes is free of charge. A follow-up appointment is included in the cost of the first visit.

Consultations are billed at $200 per hour.

business consulting

I have a passion for helping people create products that can help others. Ultimately, a physician is only as good as his tools. We live in a time of unprecedented technologies that can help us or harm us. I have a wide network of contacts in the industry as well.

I am available for consultation regarding:

  • Web and mobile health technologies
  • Health, wellness, and social media
  • Product development and improvement

Consultation includes a free initial phone call to ensure that I can help you with a specific or range of problem, define a deliverable or clear objective, and estimate a time to completion.

These services are billed at $200 per hour.