Wellness, made practical.

Modern medicine and our healthcare system are anything but practical, and they don't keep people well. Yet it is practical to be well, and to invest our time and resources in maintaining our health. I've found that people don't know enough about their health to remain well. Practical Wellness is a series of video courses that explain the foundations of good health, how we lose our good health, and how we can recover it.

My approach combines my conventional training as a medical doctor with natural medicine. It rests on four basic tenets.


  • Practicality

Life has to be lived. Not everyone wants to become a monk, and engaging in modern society carries inherent risks. Risks and benefits have to be quantified and carefully weighed against one another, whether the decision is whether to pursue a surgery or what to have for your next meal.

  • Respect for tradition

The traditions of any society are integral to their health and wellness. Yet traditions are often discarded by people who do not understand their true value. Our traditions, which are easily discarded as "superstitions" or "old wives tales," have a track record of validation by medical science. Rather than recklessly disregarding tradition, we should incorporate it into our lives practically. Likewise, our traditions often fail to protect us from the threats we face from modern technology.

  • Modern science and technology

Science and technology have given us everything from sanitation to antibiotics, and liberated us from the sufferings of early life, while easing those of old age. Yet our new technologies have spurred epidemics from autism to heart disease. Only by understanding the science behind our innovations can we understand how they may threaten our health. Likewise, we must understand medical science to determine how to restore and preserve our health.

  • Exceptionalism

Some people settle for existence. This website and my work is for people who aspire to be exceptional, whether exceptionally bright, fast, happy, strong, successful, wise, or otherwise. When good health is lost, life becomes suffering. When good health is achieved, life is a joy.