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Why I Do Not Accept Insurance

Doctors who accept insurance work for insurance companies, instead of their patients. Few doctors who accept insurance keep it from affecting their practice. Working for insurance companies can be lucrative, but my experience has been that it is not good medicine. I initially thought that insurance was a good thing. I thought that charging high cash prices was unethical.

What I eventually realized was that I could not take good care of my patients in the time frame that insurance companies reimbursed for. Patients pay me to get them better, and they don't pay for poor results and poor service. If you rely on insurance, you will receive an inferior product. If you work directly with a doctor, you will get the best medicine that they know how to practice, for the best price. I now order fewer labs, spend more time with my patients, and get much better results.

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Practice Location

Andrs Wellness Consulting

2801 Boulevard, Suite D

Colonial Heights, Virginia


Tel: (804) 733-3333

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