The Pitch

I’ve had to make a few start up pitches over the last few years. When I spoke with my co-founder, Chris Lee, tonight about a VC he would be meeting next week, Chris asked that I put together a few slides for the pitch.

I genuinely enjoy pitches. There is an art and a science to them, which makes them challenging. Not to mention the high stakes.

How do I condense the reality of the modern medical crisis, and how disruptive meal planning technology will solve it, into two sides?


  1. Start with the undeniable reality that America’s best and brightest are failing to deliver on preserving and improving America’s health. And that therefore a new approach is necessary.
  2. Point out that the new approach isn’t just fly-by-night snake oil, but it has a foundation is ground-breaking new research.
  3. Remind them that as Americans run out of cash and credit, they will look for cost-neutral ways to meet their nutritional needs. effective
  4. The opportunities for crowd-science with health and fitness apps has everyone with a brain salivating over the possibilities. Personalized medicine starts here.

Meal Vista is coming this fall to help you revolutionize your diet and your health in a way that won’t hit your wallet.

Wish us luck. Keep an eye out for a pitch with slides along the lines of what I wrote above.