About Leland Stillman, MD

I became a physician to help people feel better. As both a patient and a provider, I recognize that our healthcare system is failing us. The problem is neither the patients, nor the providers, but the way that care is being delivered. Costs are outrageous, while patients often leave with nothing more than a prescription.

I was inspired to start my own practice out of a conviction that I could find a better way to care for people. My goal is to create a practice that can meet the needs of everyone.

I chose to pursue both conventional and alternative medicine after seeing the power of both philosophies. I describe my practice as traditional and integrative. My practice is traditional in the sense that I practice both traditional Western, scientific medicine, but also in that I practice traditional medicine from other cultures, including Chinese medicine. My practice is integrative in that it combines the best that different schools and traditions of medicine have to offer. I am constantly expanding my own knowledge and to improve the services that I can offer to patients.

My goal in meeting with each patient is to provide them with an individualized plan for their health and well-being. This includes general primary care services and health consultations relating to specific concerns.

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My Background


At the age of 14, I decided I wanted to become a healer. I was not at that time sure what that would mean. I considered a number of different paths, but ultimately opted to become a conventional medical doctor. At the age of 16, I began studying traditional Chinese medicine and Tai Chi.

I graduated from Connecticut College with a degree in Environmental Health and Biology, and a minor in Chemistry. I went on to attend medical school at the University of Virginia, where I studied with Doctor Thomas Platts-Mills and Larry Borish in the Division of Asthma and Allergic Diseases. I completed my residency in Internal Medicine at Maine Medical Center in June of 2017. I now reside in Tampa, Florida.

In addition to my formal training in general internal medicine and primary care, I have pursued training in integrative medicine. I have a background in nutrition, environmental medicine, herbalism, traditional Chinese medicine, indigenous, and narrative medicine.