Foodwise Mobile

Foodwise became a reality when Doctor Stillman realized that an app like this was necessary to make our food supply safe and transparent. People are overwhelmed with the choices and information on food that are out there. Every day there’s another fad or another fear-mongering news story about what to eat or not to eat.

The goal of Foodwise is to take the guesswork and the homework out of what to eat. Doctor Stillman has big dreams for Foodwise – he’s designing it to be everything he thinks people could need. One day, it will be able to detect everything from lemon juice to lingonberries to lard in your food, it will show you detailed nutritional analyses of your food, track your calories, micronutrients, and macronutrients, and much, much more – or as little as you want. We’re not here to tell you how to eat or live your life – we’re here to help you eat and live the way you want to. To find the Foodwise app, please search for the specific term, “foodwisemobile” in the app store. You can also be directed to the link by clicking here.

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Doctor Stillman hosts the Eating Wisely podcast, where he covers everything you need to know to eat wisely with input from scientists working on the cutting edge of food science. You can find the Eating Wisely podcast at:

He also produces a board review podcast for medical practitioners in training or who are studying for board exams. You can find it at

In his spare time, he enjoys paddleboarding, cooking, reading, tweeting, blogging, and he is learning to play the ukulele. He occasionally finds time to sleep.